Developing innovative mechanisms to create and share knowledge about health systems.

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The French Muskoka Fund aims to promote the management and dissemination of information and the sharing of experiences between individuals involved in the planning, follow-up and implementation of health system-related activities. The practices and results obtained and documented as part of the Muskoka initiative can be found in the presentations and publications disseminated at various international meetings.

The reproductive, maternal, newborn, child and adolescent health best practices put in place have been documented and presented to an audience of experts, governments and other technical and financial partners. The resulting documents are used to guide policies to improve health systems by providing contextual and technical information and advocacy tools.


Developing “Communities of Practice” to encourage the sharing and dissemination of knowledge.

Taking part in operational research with national decision-makers through the provision of information and evidence.

Identifying and documenting best practices to help promote their deployment at a regional level.




  • Making it easier to identify problems in health systems by recruiting independent consultants to act as moderators and receive technical and financial support from Harmonization for Health in Africa agencies. They are involved in the planning, follow-up and implementation of activities through the communities of practice in which they participate.
  • In total, the French Muskoka Fund supports more than 6,000 community of practice members, who create and share knowledge about health systems.
  • Online knowledge dissemination and discussion facilitation (blogs, forums, social networks, article reviews and summaries, cartoon competitions, etc.).
  • Participation in and presentation of knowledge/results at conferences and meetings.
  • Aligning communities of practice with operational research projects supported by the French Muskoka Fund (identifying topics, creating and disseminating knowledge, sharing results, carrying out operational research projects).


The French Muskoka Fund has provided national decision-makers and United Nations teams with strategic information aimed at reducing the key constraints observed at country level. Four operational research projects have been conducted by research teams from North-South partnerships on topics related to the cornerstones of countries’ health systems.

  1. Project COSA-I (KIT)
  2. Project INFODOS (IRD)
  3. Project ENSPEDIA (CNRS/UMI 3189)
  4. Project FIDELI SANTE (U. Montreal)


  • Highlighting results for mothers and children and using a coordination mechanism to help identify several practices that have a positive impact from a program perspective in the countries concerned, at a regional and technical level.
  • Strong involvement by agency representatives, helping to strengthen strategic support and Muskoka’s visibility, particularly through the regular organization of sessions to present the French Muskoka Fund’s results.
  • Improving the mechanism, its visibility and information flows between countries by holding regular coordination and follow-up meetings involving regional advisers, and sending reports to the technical committee.
  • Circulating and communicating free-flowing information and news on decisions made by the technical committees and, generally speaking, the French Muskoka Fund, helping to improve the Fund’s understanding and performance.
  • Getting the technical committee more involved in its role of monitoring and assuring the quality of Muskoka interventions by holding two physical meetings per year and organizing monthly teleconferences.
  • Setting up close monitoring of certain countries by the technical committee to identify, in real time, any obstacles to the smooth running of the mechanism and to the implementation of interventions, and organizing appropriate technical assistance as a result.
  • Producing a technical report as an accountability, visibility and advocacy tool.
  • At the request of the technical committee, incorporating and budgeting for external visibility/communication activities to improve the visibility of the French Muskoka Fund in the countries concerned.


  • Numerous publications produced to promote a wide range of the knowledge, experiences and assessments generated.


The French Muskoka Fund promotes the management and dissemination of information and the sharing of experiences between individuals involved in the planning, follow-up and implementation of health system-related activities. It helps to promote the best practices that have already been implemented.

The French Muskoka Fund has supported the development of communities of practice to create and share knowledge about health systems. Their role is to identify problems with the cornerstones of health systems, foster information management and experience sharing between individuals of all backgrounds and facilitate the planning, implementation and follow-up of activities related to the cornerstones of health systems.

Key areas of intervention for communities of practice within the framework of the French Muskoka Fund:

  • Health system planning and budgeting 
  • Financial access for health services 
  • Pharmaceuticals (e-med forum)
  • Maternal, newborn and child health workforce 
  • Quality of care in referral hospitals in Africa 
  • Provision of care, district-based approach 
  • Dissemination of knowledge and online discussion on different topics
  • Participation in and presentation of knowledge/results at conferences
  • Innovative liaison between communities of practice and operational research projects.

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