Hadja’s story

Conakry, Guinea

« Parallel to his studies, Hadja, 18, is engaged in community life in the protection of children and women »

“Hadja talks to Maïmouna, who has been sexually abused, and her mother at a cafe in the Kaloum neighborhood.

As the founder of the Club des jeunes filles, an association that creates a framework for consultation on all the problems encountered by young girls, she collects information in order to go and plead the case with the authorities.

“My father had a terrible childhood, he grew up on the streets, that marked me. It is her story that influenced me and boosted me to engage with children and prioritize school. “

Hadja educates the students at her school in the morning, before class starts, about violence against women and the importance of reporting rape if someone witnesses it.”


Par Vincent Tremeau



The French Muskoka Fund advocates for the strengthening of interventions aimed at reducing gender-based violence, in close connection with the programs underway in the countries.

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