Lomé,  Togo

« Hunger should not exist, global yields today could feed 12 billion people »

Rosaline graduated from the Bachelor of Plant Science last year at the University of Agricultural Sciences. Now she in turn supervises students who are now at the end of their cycle. Phytotechnics consists of management and plant production.

« The first time I saw a plant grow was in 3rd grade. The fact of putting a seed and that it could produce so much, that amazed me.

And then at school I was taught that Togo was not independent in terms of food, that in the dry season it was necessary to import food from Burkina. So that stuck with me.

One day I would like to become a research professor. I want to develop all these skills to share them here and develop the agriculture of my country. One of my passions is fighting hunger.

Hunger should not exist, global yields today could feed 12 billion people, but 1/3 of production is wasted in the conservation chain because crops are not scheduled.

It is a paradox in Africa: producers are those who are hungry because agricultural policies do not favor producers who are forced to lose money. “

Par Vincent Tremeau



Since the action of the French Muskoka Fund is focused on health facilities, where more than 50% of women will give birth, emphasis has been placed on promoting optimal breastfeeding practices in maternity hospitals.

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