Falmata’s story

N’djamena, Chad

« A fulfilled woman is a woman who is free to do whatever she wants for herself »

Falmata Hassane Awada, 24, is an entrepreneur working in Tech. After studying abroad, she returned to Chad to set up a company in the field with a friend.

“We operate in the areas of health, education, and agriculture. “

After college we got together. We have teamed up to present a project for Tchad Talent. We won the competition with the Sahitna project, which means “our health” in Arabic.

Sahitna is a web and mobile application aimed at reducing maternal and child mortality in Chad. We started from the observation that the mortality of women and children is very high in Chad, in particular because women do not keep their appointments, especially when they lose their health record. So we thought, why not digitize the health record so that it is accessible from anywhere?

We still live with our parents because we are not married. We wait to realize our dream first. Here when a woman is not working she depends on her husband.”

By Vincent Tremeau



The French Muskoka Fund intends to promote the management, dissemination of information and the exchange of experience between individuals involved in the planning, monitoring and implementation of activities relating to health systems.

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