Lome,  Togo

« I work in the Division of Maternal and Child Health and Family Planning in the Ministry of Health »

“Before entering the ministry, I worked for 6 years in a denominational health structure in the interior of Togo, in Datcha, a remote area. We were 2 midwives, 1 surgeon and attendant and permanent midwives. We performed 40 deliveries per month.

My role at the ministry level is to facilitate training and ensure that the techniques learned by midwives are applied continuously, I supervise to identify needs for improvement. To develop our profession as midwives, we must continue to advocate for midwives to practice in an environment where they have the minimum essentials to practice well. The technical platform in particular is essential.

It is no use having the skills and not the means.

In reality, being sent to remote areas is never the wish of any midwife because living conditions are very difficult, without electricity, without decent housing, without the Internet. The living and working conditions are not met. The technical platform is non-existent, you have to work by torchlight and candles. The water is not always drinkable.

The ministry is well aware and has shown a clear will to change the situation, but the means do not follow. We need collective and multisectoral action.

Today, the reflections are still ongoing. On the part of the rulers, I would say that we must move from speeches to action. We will have waited too long.”

©Sophie Garcia / UNICEF


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